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What makes a good graphic design? To start, we do a ton of market research which is presented to you in a comprehensive proposal. All of our logos and blend your needs with proven successful design. This is we guarantee a product that meets, and exceeds your expectations. Don't waste those first precious moments with a poor design that says nothing about your business or event. Capture audiences attention with stunning graphic media from OMD!

Custom Logotype
$299 Starting

  • Hand crafted quality work
  • Comprehensive design brief
  • Created with Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Full vector logo (when applicable)
  • Quickstart file pack included
Official Stationery
$600 Starting

  • Hand crafted quality work
  • Comprehensive design brief
  • Created with Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Design envelopes, business cards, letterheads
  • Quickstart file pack included
Graphic Media & Layouts
$1000 Starting

  • Hand crafted quality work
  • Comprehensive design brief
  • Created with Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Full vector logo (when applicable)
  • Quickstart file pack included

Fountainhead Wealth Advisors

Fountainhead Wealth Advisors is the clarion call to outmoded methods of money advisors. Founders Kristen and Ben Barbour envisioned a logo that differed as much from the stock standard logo as their own philosophy.


Josephine Youth Apparel

This logo screams 'couture,' but the statement is muted by the beautiful hand scripted lettering which invites the viewer to invent their own image. That's the brand in a nutshell and we were happy to have an opportunity to discover a logo that fits.

AVFRD BASES Logo Semi-Flattened

Ashburn Volunteer Fire Department

We were approached by Ashburn Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department to stud a new business donation program. This logo creates the idea of togetherness and rescuing the rescuers. Black and yellow are the signature colors of AVFRD.

Super Girl Band [SPECK]

Super Girl Band

Super Girl Band is a group of serious musicians setting their skills toward making children laugh, while they learn. Unfortunately, these four spec logos were never used by the band.


Zendru Stream Technology

Zendru is a freelance stream org based in Australia. We created this logo to appear on stingers for stream overlays. We loved this project because we got to help a cause that we personally enjoy daily; video game streams.


Bacchus Wine Shop

Bacchus Wine Shop was the baby of one of our local patrons. Without their support we could never have flourished quite so quickly as we have. We would love to toast to them, but their wine is never bitter.

Athena Athletic Wear

Athena Athletic Wear

Chicks RULE! At least, that's the mantra of Athena Athletic Wear, and we tend to agree with them on that one. To say this logo is Spartan would be accurate.



Where do mushrooms come from? Well, if you're a mushroom from CEP then you came from a dark cave deep underground.


Morro Puerto Rican Cuisine

One of our first major projects, and to this day one of our most enjoyed collaborations. What a delicious logo to go along with a delicious style of cooking.


Putney Corporate Real Estate

Now look, we're not advocates for the destruction of land. That is why we were overjoyed to work with a corporate Real Estate agency that doesn't work with structures newer than 1990. Putney absorbs and remodels, rather than demolishing and rebuilding.



Zeyda is a highly successful line of wedding jewelry from a respected gem & diamond setter out of New York City, USA. They needed something to cut through to the attention of their audience at once, without a second glance.


DEMO Clothing

Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old. Richard McClintock, a Latin professor at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia,

Cayas Sweets

Cayas Sweets

We were contacted by the co-owner of Caya's Sweets to update their simple black and white logo. They needed something colorful that looked good against different backgrounds, and on different surfaces.


Wilderness Escapades Photography

Wilderness Escapades Photography is an amazing outfit from West Virginia, although they tend to travel for work quite a bit. This logo blends the owners requests with those hidden gems inherent in every business.


The Sterling Foundation

The Sterling Foundation came to OMD through our community outreach program where we provide non-profit organizations with free designs or consultation.


Holstein Sports Rehabilitation

Sports medicine has taken an amazing turn to the holistic within the past decade, or so. Dr. Hosltein embraces that approach in all four of his B.C. based sports rehab facilities.


St. Marshall Township 5K

When we were approached by a non-profit to create a flier for an annual fun run to sponsor education we said "absolutely!" Because we care about our community, this work went out at no charge to the non-profit organization.


Nobleman Insurance Group

Nobleman Insurance Group is an institution that takes care of those that need it. We wanted to emphasize their solid support to their clients with a simple, straight forward logo.

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